I make things that talk about my childhood memories, loss, poetry, and folklore. This work is an expression of memories of place. My parents recently moved, and although I haven’t lived in the old house in years, I grew up there and so the loss of that place was still very hard on me.

The techniques used are the ones that feel the most natural to me. Raising and enameling feel like play more then anything else. There is a great sense of joy in this way of working. The outer form is meant to be inviting of use and curiosity. The delicate nature of the inner form works to encourage consideration.

I wanted to encourage both the handling of the object and for the user to to take care the object when in use. Memories are fragile and mutable. They should be taken care of, even when they are being revisited. Much like an precious object should still be used, but it demands care when engaged.

I miss being able to look up at the stars in winter, laying in field of flowers, or running through the woods at night. I wanted to make an object about some of the things I miss. I am less enchanted by the city then when I was a child, I fear that the memories I hold are no longer accurate to the place I miss.

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